Last week we opened Edicy up to some new users in order to get feedback and I can happily say that we got a lot of it.  The feedback opened our eyes a bit to some of the things that we can improve on and we’ve taken it all in and are working hard to make Edicy even better.
Most importantly we’re trying to improve the first time user experience since we know that you often only get one chance to impress someone so you better make it good.  Some of this weeks changes reflect that, here they are:

  • Added feature to embed Flash movies into text.
  • Added feature to change publish date of blog articles.
  • Added several UI effects and transitions to ease usability.
  • Changed look and feel of photo and blog post selection tool.
  • Changed page create and setting dialogs to be more intuitive and accessible.
  • Improved design previewing when changing site's design.
  • Improved "Recent activity" view readability.
  • Improved sign-up process by inserting default content on site creation.
  • Fixed problems with HTML source code editor visibility.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback, please keep it coming.

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