By far the most time- and brain-consuming part of website creation is writing the actual content in a well structured and interactively illustrated manner. It looks like a super tough job even to start with. And if someone finally does, he's in constant fear of blowing up his site — because all the tools are so damn difficult. But are they really? 

I'm going to give you some quick tips to thoroughly lighten up your way through content creation. My advice is based on 1,5 years of day-to-day work assisting users from around the world in their website building efforts.

Managing site structure

Site structure.

Each of Edicy's design templates sports a pre-made site structure with some sample content for main page, products and contacts. We've tried to keep it simple and logical, applicable to the majority of small companies.

You can easily add both new pages or even duplicate your site structure into new languages.

Content blocks.

Each page in your site structure consists of some parts that you can edit and some that are pre-determined by design. Editable parts are called content blocks, which can be either a text area, a gallery or a form. You can combine them depending on what information you want to provide to the visitors of that particular page. Get more useful content editing tips from our FAQ page.

When adding text or photos to your site it would be useful to have more than one content block per page – this way you can reorder their locations very easily once such necessity arises.

Edicy image editing tools

Managing photos.

You can show pics on your site either by dragging them into any rich text area or by creating a separate gallery content block.

All the photos on your site can be edited right inside the browser after you've dragged them into a rich text area. You can crop, resize and rotate them. Large photos can be optimized for web right after you've inserted them into text area.

Please keep in mind that once you've changed a photo in one place, it will be changed in all of its locations. If you need different behavior, just upload the same pic for each different location.

File naming conventionsTo distinguish between the photo versions it would be wise to also name the file accordingly. For example john_doe_thumbnail.jpg and john_doe_large.jpg etc. To see all your photos in a single list, go to while logged in.

Setting up galleries.

Use galleries if you want to show more than one picture in a row. Pics placed into a gallery can't be edited the way you can edit pics inside text areas. Photos will appear in their original size and you can't crop or rotate them. It's therefore wise to edit your gallery pics in your computer before uploading them to Edicy. It's just easier to work with them that way. You'll find some useful programs for that around the internet.

Saving your edits.

Edicy saves all your edits automatically every few seconds. If you are faster than that, you can also save manually by hitting Ctrl+S or clicking the 'Save' button down below on the right-hand side of the main menu bar. 

Updating your browser.

Please don't forget to update your browser every now and then as this will ease up your life a lot. Old browsers are less secure, slower and they are less capable tools for using any webservices like Edicy. It's rather easy to upgrade and the whole internet is going to look and feel better.

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