We are happy to announce the arrival of three great new designs to Edicy theme collection. All of them are very modern and minimalistic. Two are designed by me, one by my good colleague, Paavel.

Paris. The very first photo blog design on Edicy.

Paris photoblog theme on Edicy

This deserves a bit longer introduction. Our engineer Oliver is an avid photographer and was longing for a simpler method to feature his photos on Edicy.

Therefore we extended our existing blog tool for this completely new purpose. Each blog post has a cover image with post title on top of it. Each post can contain any number of photos or photo galleries in it.
You can also have posts that don't have cover images — or any photo at all. In that case photo is substituted with a beautiful white heading on a black background rectangle.

Reykjavik. Our new standard theme.

Reykjavik Edicy theme

From the early days of Edicy, Reykjavik has been the most minimalistic design we've had. Since web has evolved so much since we introduced it, it looked a bit dull and outdated. Therefore Paavel made a complete redesign to it. Still the simplest theme, but with a cool and fresh look.

San Francisco. Super texty.

San Francisco Edicy theme

Bold statements, big letters, no need for pictures if you don't need 'em.

Actually we have one more. Pripyat. Named after the sad little Ukrainian city that was closed down after Chernobyl catastrophe, this barren design is for advanced users only. It's a starting point for the growing band of Edicy developers who build their customer websites on Edicy. It's a design without any style at all. The basic html code and tempalte syntax is there, but no style at all. None. Times New Roman.

What kind of design are you missing? Let us know so we can consider it when designing the next one.

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