This week's Edicy hero is our front end developer Oliver Pulges. He's the guy who makes Edicy work in your browser. Not only does it work, we can be pretty confident when calling Edicy one of the most advanced website building tools out there.

Oliver Pulges of Edicy

There's a saying that every developer has built at least two programs. One that says "Hello World!" (and nothing else) and a content management system, a CMS. This is also true for Oliver. Prior to joining Edicy, he singlehandedly built an extremely ligtweight, simple and surprisingly popular CMS called Zimplit. The experience he got from creating something of such complexity alone from ground up is priceless. Adding mentorship of Priit and team work experience he has received at Edicy, Oliver is taking an ever more important role in defining tomorrow's Edicy for you.

Actually, Oliver was headed to become a scientist, as he's on the verge of defending his PhD thesis in chemistry. The excitement of building Edicy since joining us in autumn has at least postponed his plans for turning his hipster clothes in and replacing them with white lab coat with rats in the pockets.
Oliver has also been a professional photographer and played keyboards in an electro band Mürgelmaschine.

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