We just released a big makeover to content area management. Until now, the content area buttons were hidden and you could only see them when you move mouse over a top-left or bottom-left part of the content area. Not as intuitive as we wanted and therefore many of our users did not even know the existence of these buttons.
After today's change, small block of buttons appears immediately when you move mouse cursor over content area, indicating what can be done with this block of content. Revamped content areasDragging blocks around the page gives you slightly better feedback where the content block will be moved to. Also, there were some limitations where block could be dropped. Not anymore. All areas on page now humbly accept your content.

Have a look by yourself and leave us a comment of what you think.

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  • Indrek May 05


  • Mario Frade May 05

    Much better now. Great work!

    Mario Frade
    Lisbon, Portugal

  • Tõnu May 06

    Thanks guys! This was one of the biggest itches. Some other big ones still to be conquered.

  • Thomas May 07

    Cool. Much improved. Keep going!

  • eco di mare tours May 08


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