As the number of new Edicy users is growing rapidly, hour after hour, we get a lot of useful feedback from all of you. Thank you, we appreciate it!
Therefore this week's updates to Edicy concentrate on bug fixing and small but important usability adjustments based on the feedback. For the next week, we have a lot more improvements baking in the oven. Keep the feedback coming!

This week’s release notes are:
  • Toggle button improvements
  • Added ability to change site name straight from edit view
  • Added warning messages for blog post comments
  • Added check if Flash player is installed
  • Added storing users language in cookie
  • Fixed autogenerated path name being too short
  • Fixed issues with blog comments shown incorrectly
  • Fixed RSS dates gone wrong in Edicy blog

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  • Don Dec 10

    Just found edicy and will sign up tomorrow .......which will be today if I dont get to bed soon

  • Tõnu Dec 12

    Great to hear Don :) We are looking forward to hear your feedback here or by mail.

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