With the new release of Edicy you have advanced control over your publishing process — different pages on your site will still be autosaved but only you can decide when they will be published to the public to be seen and visited by everyone.
The new publishing flow also introduces a more seamless domain-registration integration — be it a free edicypages.com domain or a custom one bought from domain name provider — merging it with your site is now just a click away.

And if the new features (or even some of the old) leave you in the dark, the revamped Help button will guide you through the mess. Hopefully it's the feature you won't need at all.

Complete release notes:

  • Added Publish flow
  • Added help button to admin toolbar for better support
  • Added feature to create page from Page Not Found screen
  • Fixed site organizer for IE6
  • Fixed Flash rendering for Safari and Opera
  • Fixed adding media for IE7

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