This week there are a number of additions to our blogging platform.
Blogging and websites go hand and hand these days so there’s no reason that your blog should run on a separate content management system (CMS) from the one that runs your website.  For that reason we’re committed to making Edicy an easy tool to make and edit websites as well as blogs and any other sort of web tool we can think of.
  • Added design management tools.
  • Added site logo uploading capability.
  • Added Edicy RSS feed output.
  • Fixed formatting toolbar being overlapped by on-site flash animation.
  • Fixed inability to delete a user as an admin.
  • Fixed ability to download homepage, erasing all subpages.
  • Fixed error on adding page in organizer view in IE.
  • Fixed pop-up menus being overlapped by main menu icons in IE.
  • Fixed inability to delete a blog post.
  • Fixed image being show in blogpost preview.
  • Fixed blog entry header linking not to the main page but to the same post page.
  • Fixed not changing sub-page path, on changing the parent page's name or path.
  • Fixed uploading images larger than 65536 bytes.
  • Changed font size choosing mechanism.

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