Boy, do we have great news for you all! The most requested feature in Edicy - galleries, is now in public beta. You can arrange any number of photos in your media section into a neat gallery with an integrated lightbox viewing mode.
For gallery, simply create a new page and create a gallery in the empty content box. This new feature is still in beta, we are improving its functionality and ease-of-use over the next releases but we thought you would want to try it out ;)

You might not know this but a small number of lucky people who ran into Tõnu and Joonathan in Paris possess a small voucher for three months of free Edicy Pro. These can be redeemed here.

Those of you not at LeWeb, don't worry: you're not left out. We plan to extend our voucher system in the future, awarding our evergrowing number of volunteers who submit translations and design templates.

Complete release notes:

  • Galleries
  • Voucher redemption

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  • Mika Tuupola Dec 10

    Any screenshots available?

  • Tõnu Dec 14

    Hi Mika! Updated the post. As you can guess, the UI is in beta too :)

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