The current method for saving content was a bit cumbersome until now. We replaced the confusing "publishing on/off" button with the normal "Save" button.
Edicy savesYou can still draft the contents on the page before publishing it. In order to do that, open up page settings by clicking on "Page" on the bottom toolbar and you'll see checkbox "Publish changes automatically" there. By unchecking it, the changes you make on this page will not become public until you click the "Start publishing" link at the bottom toolbar.

Please note that when you start writing a new blog post, it will not get published automatically to keep your recent news list nice and tidy. It works the other way around since it is normal that you'd want to complete the blog post before it will become public.

And, if you forget to press the Save button, no worries. Edicy will automatically save your edits in every 30 seconds.

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  • Andrus Jun 05

    Haha, like the illustration. I hope it's the same in the actual UI ;)

  • H Jun 05

    well, it's simpler to understand.Thanks.

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