As you might have noticed, we're giving a presentation on Edicy at LeWeb'08 Startup Competition today. Since the internet connection is very occasional here, it is hard to keep you updated of all the interesting things happening around.
UPDATE: The presentation got a warm welcome from the audience! Once again, Edicy proves to be a great product. We hope to get a link to the presentation video here soon. But now it's party time! :)

You can take a look at our Le Web presentation here: Between slides 1 and 2 there was the product demo.

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  • Edvard Dec 10

    thanks, looking forward fot the video and already checking ;) it seems to be a humble event, PERFECT that it's happning in Europe here. Silicon Valley almost seems closer now huh ;)

  • Tõnu Dec 12

    Le Web is better than Silicon Valley, I guess (:

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