Today we released Edicy in Icelandic, which is now the sixth language which Edicy is available in.
The Icelandic translation was done by a volunteer, Ólafur Gauti Guðmundsson, who contacted us and offered up his time and we want to take a minute to thank him for his work.  Ólafur is an Icelandic software developer based in London where he specializes in Java programming.  He said he’s been working on web editing tools for over 10 years and was very impressed with Edicy and wanted it to be available in Icelandic which was very kind of him.  Thanks Ólafur!

We’re happy to get Edicy translated into as many languages as possible and getting our user community involved in helping us improve Edicy is something we appreciate and encourage.  So if you’d like to help get Edicy into your home language, whether it’s  a language that’s spoken by millions of people such as Hindi or only a few hundred thousand like Icelandic, feel free to contact us. You can reach us at or by logging into our Skype chat.

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