We are very exited to announce that Edicy has been selected for Le Web 2008 Startup Competition. LeWeb is the biggest and most talked about startup event in Europe. Just a selected handful of startups around the world were offered this opportunity. It's a remarkable milestone for us and we truly appreciate the positive attention we've received in connection with that.


For more information on the event itself or on the other selected startups, read TechCrunch or ArcticStartup.

And finally — greetings to the rest of the finalists! As financial times are hard these days, we'd like to give you a website at Edicy as a present ;) Just contact us to get it in your hands.

And see you at Paris!

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  • EdicyAdmirer Nov 18

    Congratulations Edicy Team,

    LeWeb'08 saw huge participation and Edicy being shortlisted among the "Startup 30" was real good.

    I hope Edicy keeps the good work going,and also such nice to know that Entrepreneurship has taken wings in the form of Edicy.

    Admirer from India

  • uunox Nov 21

    just and idea - perhaps you could add a simple wap exporter too? This way, since I'd be managing my website in Edicy, I could also create a wap site with one click. As both sites would run on same content, they'd always be in sync.

  • tony Nov 22

    Hey guys, your sites are briliiant! I can't believe you don't have more comments and congratulations from people! Maybe you are still starting out but this kind of website creation is what I have been looking for over many years, and tried many different ideas.
    I hope to try your website creator to improve www.photocards4all.vpweb.co.uk (soon photocards4all.com) and be in touch again!
    Many thanks

  • Tõnu Nov 25

    Hey everybody! It's such a pleasure to feel the support from you guys. How did you find Edicy in the first place? True, we are quite new and therefore just a bit off the radars.

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